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  1. I called Kino in november when my semester was coming to an end and my results with women were frustrating and only lead to me feeling less and less confidence. Just in our initial phone call, he smacked me into a new perspective. The hero does not live without fear, but knows the systems to get through it in order to conquer. I committed in december and 6 weeks later my work has yielded greater results than i could imagine.

    As of today I had never been laid.

    My friend Kelsey reccomended I talk with her friend who was attractive and on my hall floor. We were initially supposed to go snowboarding togethor given our schedules happened to match up with free time, but I was broke and she missed her bus to the mountains so we were stuck in our hall together with the whole day ahead of us. I invited her to my room and we talked. I followed Kino for every step and it worked. I calm and grounded, my values were close to me, and of course my intentions were bad. I was direct with her sexually and she respected and responded to it very well. Within a few minuted we were ass naked and getting in on. I can say that was probably one of the coolest things to happen, not just the sex, but being direct and sexual so the girl can be comfortable being sexy.

    After, I checked my phone and had about 4 texts from people around my dorm saying what loud ruckus I made, and I when I went to lunch, word had spread and I had 2 girls come and open up on me. Bad intentions live in my veins.

  2. So, lately have not been posting any Field Reports because of school, work, and pulling.

    So My St. Patrick’s Day Party gone wild wen something like such. I was invited to a party to go and watch the St. Patty’s Parade in San Diego. I went out the night prior and did not go to bed till late. This meant that I slept in and missed the Parade. I felt very bad and texted my friend to apologize to her. She is an old friend and is pretty fucken hot, but I keep her around me as a place holder and, strangely enough, or luckily enough, I use her to meet girls and she uses me to meet guys. Funny stories with her are far too numerous.

    She texted me back and told me to come anyway, the party is still going. I pulled myself out of bed with no breakfast, not the best clothes out of my closet and fought the rain and other SD non-rain driving fucks to her house in Little Italy. I quickly was greated by many of her friends and fit in nicely. What followed was the norm in my party game of romance and fun.

    Girl number One: Candy.
    Candy was a really cute 23 year old blonde with short hair and was a complete hippie girl who likes to smoke a little weed and dance too much. We spoke for a while and I used my Pyramid of Greatness that was taught to me by Kino 5000. I maintained Eye Contact the way that he taught me and also made use of having a lot of fun in the room and I raised the energy in the room to make an aura of awesome fun around me. Soon I was running a 4 person conversation in the kitchen. Candy would whisper in my ear and I would push her away and tell her, “Don’t you know I am a Bad Man! I only have the worst intentions for us later, you understand that, right?” She laughed and lightly slapped my arm away. The tonality I used was key for that phrase to work but she was getting what I was putting down. Soon the party was dispersed and we left to go a bar out in Little Italy area. It was there that Candy would attempt to interject herself in my world, or my conversations. I would immediteatly address here directly, and tell her that I am bad news, I will ruin your life and make you feel great while I do it!” At this point she was sold, I made out with her in front of her friends and my friends as well.

    Girl Number Two- Nelly
    Nelly was a really skinny white girl with Burnette hair and big brown eyes. Really cute, She was the token girl in the group of guys and was a bit of a tomboy of shorts. She could really look good if she got dressed up but today was st patty’s and she wanted to get crazy. We had spoken during the party for some length and made eyes at each other and soon after our next conversation ended with her and I kissing and making out. Now the two girls have seen me make out with both of them and drama was soon to ensue. and it did, turns out that Candy has a boyfriend. And now she can not pursue me with her jealously. It became very complex very quickly.

    We all soon left and went back to my lady friend’s house and we regrouped and went back out to downtown to take on St. Patty’s Night!

    We soon arrived at a corner downtown and about to head to Tilted kilt(Not my choice) and on the way, a girl that I almost made out with was there on the corner and called out to me. She started to buy me drinks and she has a lot more money I do.

    Girl Number Three: Mandy the Doctor…Doctor Mandy
    Soon we left the tilted kilt and walked over to Basic the Pizza joint near the stadium, and went in. Soon Mandy and I would be dancing and having fun, I am doing a lot of kino escalation and she is responding back to me, And of coarse we make out and I also think I just found a warm bed to sleep in and it is with a sexy girl that is a doctor. But one of her friends gets wasted and they have to leave, FUCK! but I shake it off very quickly.

    Soon my lady friend comes over and we begin to dance, I grab another girl and bring her over and let her dance with us, she was a really cute girl who had that farm girl kind of look. Her friend comes over with drinks for them and my lady friend works the block and I got the girl. I kino escalate quickly and make out with her on the dance floor.

    Soon, we switched dance partners and I made with the other girl too!

    Thanks Kino5000!

    Who wants to have fun and get the Women you want in your lives today! Contact us today!, NoW!! You can’t put this off any longer!

  3. What Kino teaches is much more than routines and standard Pick up. It’s a way of life. Most anyone can go out and ‘do’ routines and gimmicks but what he gives you is a way of ‘being’. Since taking the bootcamp I’ve seen my life take off in amazing directions and things I could never expect to happen just fall in place. This stuff really gets to the CORE of what it is to be an Alpha man and attract girls by YOUR standard. Kino’s system is structured to get you where you want and fine tune your progress along the way, there’s nothing out there like that gives this much attention to your success. Through the bc I blasted through fears, grounded myself in a badass philosophy of lifestyle, and had an awesome time doing it. This stuff is the frontline to pickup. Be the man that women want.

  4. If you ever wanted to take a bootcamp, Kino is definitely the way to go. I’ve been following pick-up for a while and I’ve been successful, to a degree, but after deciding that I was in a rut, I went to Kino. Best decision ever. If you’re the kind of guy that likes who he is and just wants to learn a new pick-up line or a twirl move that will magically fix your sex life, then you should look elsewhere. Kino challenges you, tests you, and forces you to look at yourself and break out of your comfort zone. He teaches a new way of looking at your life. What you do with it is up to you. For the duration of the bootcamp he taught me, gave me feedback, watched my interactions and gave me ideas on how I could overcome the obstacles that were preventing me from achieving success with women. Best of all, he does in a way that makes it stick in your head and challenge yourself in your daily life. If you are looking to make yourself into a better MAN, then Kino is far and away the best option to go with.

  5. It’s taken me a while to get to this, I’ve been super busy this weekend. Anyways, I get a call from Kino on Thursday, he tells me he has a spot open in his bootcamp. I was hesitant to do the BC because I just did an RSD BC with Jeffy last month, and I did not want to clutter my mind with more material. But I decided fuck it, I’ll keep an open mind and give it a go.

    I’m not going to talk about the shit that Kino teaches, I’m just going to tell you what I have experienced in the past few days, using Kino’s shit…

    Wed: Quick little background.. .Kino tells me about the shit he uses. You’ve heard Kino talk about bad intentions right? That same night I use one of Kino’s “Bad Intentions” lines after being in a set going nowhere. This chick attacks me and swallows my face. We then engage in intimate relations in my car.

    Fri: This is the night where the in-field portion of the bootcamp takes place. I started the night out using my usual shit, not going bad, but not going great. As the night progresses I start peppering in some of Kino’s shit (I have to admit I was skeptical at first). First girl, she tells me her boyfriend is outside, if he wasn’t there she would do bad things to me. Second girl, tells me she wanted to fuck me, but her boyfriend was there also, not gonna happen tonight (side note, I am not a home wrecker). Third girl, I made out with her.

    Sat: Chody conversation. Pepper in some bad intentions, she bounces to another bar with me, make out in the street, got her half way to my place before she realized how bad of a man I really was. Sun: Went to the SNL conference in LA. Kino fucking killed it. Kino’s speaking skills impress the shit out of me.

    Fast forward to this evening…Went to dive bar. Had a “nice” girl tell me she didn’t want to be nice anymore, her friends literally dragged her out of the bar because they realized how much danger she was in. Next girl…Sexy as fuck, ridiculous. 21 years old. Bad girl. Stole her from her orbiter friend, made out with her. She just texted me, she really is BAD. Guys, seriously, girls are BAD. Be bad to them.

    Kino has a no nonsense direct style of game. It is unbelievable how powerful that shit is I am amazed at how girls are responding to the shit I learned from Kino. In “The Game,” Style said something to the effect of “I felt like I was walking around the clubs with atom bombs in my pocket.” If you actually apply what Kino teaches, you will go home with atom bombs in your pocket. Talk to Kino if you want to get laid more.”—Ivory

  6. Trini Trageda wrote:

    “We drove to the beach and we started to walk along the shore and Kino was pointing out his favorite spots, I started to meditate and realized that there is more to Kino than what meets the eye, he is a man of great depth, enjoys the company of good people and he really wants to help his friends and his students. After the walk we went back to house to start the bootcamp. His style of teaching is laid back, personal, there are no taboo questions and he listens and gives you feedback in a non-judgmental approach, He will not bullshit you and through out the bootcamp he kept repeating that you have to pay the “cost of redemption”, meaning that there are no quick fixes the road of transforming yourself from a chump for lack of a better word to becoming a better man, a leader of men”

  7. “I went to this BC as well – mainly because I’m now really interested in changing my lifestyle and building up a stronger identity and Makali and Kino have helped me with that really well in the past. I ended up with really good direction on that front, as well as an unexpected huge benefit to my outer game. I’ve been into game for about 11 months now, done a RSD BC with Jeffy, and I got almost as much out of this BC as I did while with Jeffy.”

  8. “This bootcamp was awesome! The amount of energy that was present at project O.B. was comparable to that of the sun. The overall teaching and quality of the material was to say the least world class. Kino, I would personally like to say thank you to you.

    The 2 days was a life altering experience. Its been awhile since ive woken up and fealt that ive had such meaning and power in my life. These guys teach a very organic,direct, personal type of game. they catered to everyone as idividuals very well. But also incorporated there personal styles into all the students via in field demonstrations and just one on one verbally. Things i took away from the boot Lead, Be a hero, The mount, know yourself, the pyramid of game,(I could go on all day).

    Seriously when these guys throw boots go not only will you learn some real fucking game youll learn to be passionate about life. And seriously the world will be a better place with both learned. expect some good post in the future gents thanks to the boot I feel unstoppable” –Brett

  9. ….this is my first time to get multiple club makeouts in a single night and my first legitimate SNL opportunity, and Kino’s bootcamp is the reason why.

  10. Carlallenjack wrote:
    Kino is a super cool cat. His energy is unmatched by anybody I know. He’s super direct, and a strong alpha male type personality. He will push you into sets and get really pissed if you don’t go! He’s into NLP and very in touch with all the inner game and theories behind everything we do. (he called out on my inner game, but thats what I paid him for!). His motto was “I’m going to have sex tonight or I’m gonna die!” I had a good time with him and learned a lot. I was blown away by this guy’s confidence level….his experience and take on things was very valuable.

  11. Well All I can say is I really learned a lot and I enjoyed the whole thing. The lecture from Kino,Taylor, Hydro, & Greg on Sat. were all great, passionate and totally usable stuff. The day 2 stuff also awesome. In the field on Sat. Between the day and night game I number closed I think 5 women and another for a SNL all fromOceanBeach.OceanBeachis a laid back place so approaching is a little easier I think than some other places would be.

    On Sun. we had some more great talk from Kino and also some lecture & practice approaches with Marni form Wing Girl We later did some individual coaching with Marni. She worked to give insite from the female perspective. Out in the field there were almost as many trainers as students so I had one on one with trainers on much of the approaches and later back at the house the next morningTaylorwent over some points with me to work on regarding the night before. So I would highly recommend their bootcamps for anyone wanting to improve day game, night game, and Day 2’s. I almost forgot. On Sat. Taylor who is an awesome cook. Cooked great food for the whole crew.

  12. Well All I can say is I really learned a lot and I enjoyed the whole thing. The lecture from Kino,Taylor, Hydro, & Greg on Sat. were all great, passionate and totally usable stuff. The day 2 stuff also awesome. In the field on Sat. Between the day and night game I number closed I think 5 women and another for a SNL all from Ocean Beach. Ocean Beach is a laid back place so approaching is a little easier I think than some other places would be.

    On Sun. we had some more great talk from Kino and also some lecture & practice approaches with Marni form Wing Girl We later did some individual coaching with Marni. She worked to give insite from the female perspective. Out in the field there were almost as many trainers as students so I had one on one with trainers on much of the approaches and later back at the house the next morningTaylorwent over some points with me to work on regarding the night before. So I would highly recommend their bootcamps for anyone wanting to improve day game, night game, and Day 2’s. I almost forgot. On Sat. Taylor who is an awesome cook. Cooked great food for the whole crew.

  13. Lamchop412 wrote:

    “My experience taking the ULTIMATE DAY GAME BOOTCAMP was a great one…

    KINO 5000 –“ My second instructor out infield, he’s got the voice of a seductive Levar Burton with the energy of a Rocket to Russia. Taking what I learned from Blue, and combining it with Kino’s high energy method, and my own power I escalated super fast with a cougar right on a super busy sidewalk! Rolling that energy into my next set and number closed. Most importantly had fun with ALL the sets I opened and learned a grip. Thanks Kino…for seeing the magic.

    Overall if I could do it again, I would. Really worth checking out if you wanna boost your game, especially for the price. I felt like all three of us students got some great attention, and that Casanova Crew feeling of Friendship and Support was present. Thanks to JTR, fellow students, and instructor!”

  14. Joey Obrian wrote:

    “A Review Bad Intentions, the name says it all.

    So I recently reserved my spot on Kino’s weekend boot camp which occurred in early November. We went over some PU philosophy and he read aloud some questions that he had us answer beforehand. A small group of us, just three of us besides Kino and Bear, each had our own story. I found the other guys to be normal and decent guys genuinely looking to improve their lives. The boot camp took place inOB, which while not my favorite sarging venue, perhaps was good for us beginners. The vibe there tends to be mellower with much of the attitude one finds in PB or downtown noticeably absent. The three of us were prompted to open constantly which I found to be the most nerve racking aspect. Walking by a few girls, Bear would say “go open them” at which point I would kind of freeze half expecting the group to have heard. A moment later I would be talking to the group however and having a good time.

    Overall though opening is no longer an issue for me. At the time of the boot camp I had gotten to the point where I opened pretty much all the time with the help of a little liquid courage to take the edge off. So that said our group received high marks from Kino for “having big balls”. We opened more or less constantly throughout the night . The sheer number of openings was for me greater than usual which was definitely a positive.

    Escalation – My Sticking Point For me, I was pretty much unsure as to how to escalate. I mentioned that this was my sticking point and Kino agreed to help explain what that meant on a theoretical level as well as demonstrated it once we were out. I began to focus on this (read become more physical with girls) throughout the weekend. General Review The group was small and intimate. With only three students and two instructors, we were able to gather a lot of feedback from Kino and Bear. That was probably the most positive aspect.

    Additionally the boot camp had a decidedly grassroots and authentic feel to it and was absent of any commercial assembly line like quality that I would imagine to be the case at some of the larger boot camps. Kino showed himself to be a likable and genuine guy. He strikes me as someone similar to the rest of us whom long ago decided to become proficient in PU and improve his life. It was evident to me that he now truly enjoys helping other guys improve their lives.

    Would I recommend it? I very much so would recommend this boot camp to guys looking to get a fast start in pick up. If you come in and are honest with yourself and your skill level then you will gain valuable feedback from guys whom have been at this for quite some time. Lastly I would like to express my gratitude to the guys whom came out and especially Kino whom gave us some great feedback and was fun to hang out with.

  15. Kino, It’s me Anand, I don’t know if you remember me but I did a boot camp with you back in November. Anyways I went through this phase of self-discovery and redemption. I’m currently inWashington, and I’m doing my thing. Your advice really changed my life and I just want you to know that. Thank you.

  16. Seriously if you are on the fence on wither or not to get in on this then hear my two cents on this. I was in the Seduction Community for a year and a half and with “GOOD RESULTS.” that was before I took a boot camp with Kino 5000. Let me tell you this guy can help you and teach you on how to get over your Approach Anxiety and how to escalate scenarios and situations sexually and SUCCESSFULLY!!! I had screwed 8 different girls the year prior to attending Kino’s Boot camp, It has not even been a year since I took his boot camp and I already have succeeded that number and beyond by using what he had taught me.

    Kino has also some very amazing side Instructors. Kino is great at explaining the material but what I enjoyed was working with Greg, Ivory, andTAYLOR!!! Working with those guys in field and the watching them in action having them be my wingmen was amazing. Additionally it is really great to see them after the Boot Camps and they still remember my NAME!

    These Guys Care a lot about not just the results that you are after but they take a solid investment in Kino’s clients as well!! Thank you again Kino, I love hitting on girls the way you showed me and women next to her whisper to each other or scream rather near me that they want a guy to pick them up the way I just did!!! Thank you guys!!!”

  17. “First thing first, this bootcamp was a blast! If you guys wanna have fun good times and learn at the same time, take this bootcamp without a second thought. And this might also be the first golden nugget you guys might get – Don’t take yourself too seriously and get out of your head!

    It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life, just like a ride, but with no clue to what was coming next and with more personal ups and downs than than I ever anticipated.

    Kino5000: Holyshit! What a dude. He has the strongest core(inner game) i have ever seen in anyone and it surely rubbed off on me. He shattered my limiting perceptions and my reality model of what can be done within the first 10 minutes of going out on the promenade. His mentoring will make you feel free, relaxed and comfortable in all situations. You have to be with him to understand what a incredible guy he is and my description will not do justice to him. There are so many details about him that make him awesome that i cannot list them all out here, but here is just one of them. He had personalized notes for each of us for day 1 and for day 2 and gave specific advise to improve our game for each day and beyond and this shows his commitment and genuine effort towards his work and to help out his students.

    JTR: You are the best dude. Thank you for putting together this fantastic bootcamp and helping us out. It was always great to be with him and get comments from him. His efforts in infield footage is going to be help a lot to anyone taking this bootcamp. I really admire you for your effort and commitment in helping us out and making this experience possible.

    This is defenently the most unique bootcamp you guys will ever take. Everyone involved in this bootcamp is a committed to improving your game, everyone will learn a lot. I have no doubt that this bootcamp will bring huge improvements in your game and if you have the chance you don’t want to miss it.

    Thank you Kino, you’re an awesome guru and fantastic individual.”

  18. Kino’s Boot Camp is the best value around; There are no lines, no gimmicks, no BS. Kino gives you the tools to reclaim the lost hero inside of you and build upon him to the men you wish to become. His personality triggers that inner charisma, making you just say “fuck it”. If you want to be free to create your own boundaries and rules, and realize that your perceived beliefs of how you “should” behave are your own illusions……. than take Kino’s BC. All I know is that I have great lays within a week after Kino’s Bad Intentions Boot Camps! That’s enough said”.

  19. Exactly the type of style I was looking for that I had not seeing in any of the materials around (somehow Badboy, but Kino goes even further), no boring stuff, no magic tricks, no palm reading, no gay stuff.

    Very fast & direct game, if you don’t see it escalating as fast as you want, fuck the set and get another one and another one and another one (of course, you can stay there, work them more, get their phone numbers, create tons of rapport, but those are not my intentions, I am aiming for SNLs).

    They give you their recipe with variations, they explain it so well, you can pretty much make up or say anything you want in any variation (as long as it creates the same effect), their game is very aggressive, yet, they make it look so smooth for the women they play it with, they don’t have a chance to question or refuse any of their words, thoughts, Kino, I had never been as impressed as I was by these guys approaching & hooking up HBs, in less than 20 seconds, they can pretty much hug, Kino and kiss any HB and make them love it, the HBs are so impressed, it looks like if they are melting looking at these guys…

    I have always being an over confident person, but they somehow made us transform our confidence in emanating energy, you could feel it and HBs would react to it, everything turned into fun, positivity and attraction. Their special guest was fucking awesome as well, in less than one hour, gave us the best tips on the most important basics, Eye Contact, voice, approach & isolation, putting them to practice was like throwing a lace around the HBs and guiding them to any position or place that you wanted… amazing power… Everyone was great and did great, we were pushed to the limits, they were next to you guiding you through, there were no egos, no snobbiness, they make everyone feel welcome and there is a sense of friendship all around… Everything was great.

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