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104Ladies and gentleman, Kino 5000


Manwhore of Rsd Fame wrote:

“Kino5000 represents some of the most radical characteristics the community has to offer. As the song goes, he was born the “son of a preacher man”, as well as a black gospel singer. His father was a Jewish preacher and his mother a songstress. Though faced with seemingly racially insurmountable odds, he did not let this stop him, and grew up singing in multiple church bands and seducing young girls from his father’s congregation.

Kino is the embodiment of stage charisma and passion. Growing up being in the spotlight, he had to develop from an early age the ability to harness his mind to overcome stage fright and be able to perform and be at his best in front of an audience. For this reason he loves being able to share this experience and knowledge with students, and develop in THEM the ability to inspire themselves to take action and talk to women with passion. I have RARELY seen speakers with the ability to charge up their audience with the fervor and power that Kino5000 does. He is an inspiring instructor, and as a fellow teacher, I adopted some of his teaching style myself

He is known for his direct game style, in club sexytime, daygame, and sexual closing style. He lives in Ocean Beach, California with 2 female roommates who adore him.

I count him as one of the best friends I’ve ever had, as well as a true bad ass. For all our ups and downs, he will always be close to my heart.” – Manwhore


9 thoughts on “Who Kino 5000 is
  1. Kino, you’re the best. What PUA has developed a direct, sexual system that makes men strong and women feel sexually empowered? Only you!

  2. In the midst of copy cat cloned PUA instructors, its rare that someone steps up from the marsh and really makes an impact.  When I first heard Kino5000 speak at The Ultimate Same Night Seminar, I knew he was something special.  One of the most powerful speakers in the scene, Kino5000 has come into his own and become a force to be reckoned with.  I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kino many times, and have not only witnessed his game, but also filmed it.  Determined, agressive and yet all soooo smooth at the same time, Kino5000 makes it look so easy. 
    I remember there was about 10 of us from CC hanging on Hollywood Blvd. at Juicy Burger.  Kino5000 began hittin up the hotest chick at the place, and the rest of us were so tired and run down we decided to go back to my studio to smoke some weed.  Kino stayed behind, and not 15 minutes later he shows up with the girl he had just met.  After Kino introduced her to us, and politely whispered in my ear “J, do you mind if we use your bathroom”?  What could I say, who was I to deprive Mr. 5000 of his vision.
    They went in, and didnt come out for a VERY LONG time.  Only Kino5000 and his lady know what went on in my bathroom, but one thing is for sure.  Even though my apartment was hot boxed, I can tell the difference between weed smoke and pussy; and the bathroom smelled like a porn set.  The aroma of sex was sniffed by all.
    He kissed her goodbye as she gently tugged his throbbing member over his shorts, and we all got to see the what Kino5000 was all about.  Def one of the quickest pulls Ive ever seen.
    Not only is he one of the best speakers, coaches I have ever seen, he is also a very good and close friend. 
    2012 is the year of Kino5000.
    -J The Ripper

  3. I had the pleasure of speaking at one of Kino’s events 3 years ago down in san diego.  I was instantly impressed. Both with the materials that were being taught to guys (things as a woman, I didn’t even realize would ever have an effect on me) and also with the passion and authenticity of his delivery. 

    There are many, MANY PUA’s and bullshitty men in the world that preach about confidence and then can’t look me in the eye once they get off stage.  KINO is NOT one of these guys. He is what he preaches!! REAL. 


  4. The most fun I ever had in my life was with K5. I have known him for years. I was a Catholic school girl, turned stripper. More wild than your average girl. Never did he fail to entertain my excessive need for spontinaety, sexual arousal, new experiences, and extreme experimentation. Even at my most in demand, I was in love with him. Like most other girls he has been close to. The fact that he has developed a successful teaching technique for his incomparable game is really a gift for man kind. Woman like me need more men of his kind. And dont all men need to be able to enjoy the catholic school girl turned stripper at some point in their life?

  5. Here’s the deal: only contact Kino5000 if you are seriously interested in taking your game to the next level. I could go on and on about his revolutionary physical game, his rock-solid inner game exercises, or his aggressive in-field training. Forget that he’s been a featured speaker at the PUA Summit, hung out with the top PUA’s in the industry, and taught hundreds of students. That’s all well and good but here’s what you need to know about him.


    He gets virgins laid.

    If he can get a virgin laid, what can he do for YOU?

  6. I met Kino5000 back at the PUA World Summit in 2009 and I remember him being the first to speak on the New Blood Panel and after he spoke the rest of us were like, “Damn…we have to go after that?!?!” Kino’s been one of my favorite speakers since I’ve been attending and speaking at seminars. His presence is so strong you will know when he’s in the building.

    Months later I landed in San Diego and we were hanging out until about 1:30am and then he says, “Lets hit the bars!” Now THAT’S something I’ve never seen or heard, lol, just showing up right before closing time to let the girls know…it’s closing time, if you know what I mean.

    Kino’s the real deal.

  7. Having experienced the pleasure of drinking in all that Kino 5000 has to share on three different occasions, he oozes a positive energy that still remains unmatched.

    I’ve reviewed two events he spoke at so far (Global Pick Up Conference, Casanova Fest) and am currently finalizing the third and most recent one he participated in – the Ultimate Pick Up Artist Convention in Hollywood.

    Keep your attention focused on this guy. He’s going to mix things up in the community without a doubt.

  8. Kino 5000 is one of my closest and highly respected peers and colleagues in the realm of seduction and self-improvement.

    When we’re out in SD, no girl is safe, not even our waitress. We may be crass, loud, and unbelievably offensively hilarious, but we’re the Bad Intentions assholes that get the girl. The sweet guy stuff comes later, but when we’re out and terrorizing the clubs and bars in San Diego, no woman is safe from the wrath and expertise of Kino 5000′s Bad Intentions methods.

    I’ve worked with Kino on several occasions and every time I’ve learned something new while having an absolute blast. I highly recommend Kino and his team for improving your lifestyle and becoming a better man than you were yesterday.

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