Kino 5000 and Bad Intentions Dating Advice

Speaker1Welcome To Kino5000

Kino 5000 is known one of the most motivating, and direct dating coaches in his genre. His Bootcamp Company that is known as: “Bad Intentions”,  has some of the best reviews of every dating company that exists.

  • Kino 5000 created  a curriculum  that explains the core, dominant, philosophical values that separate boys from men.

  • Kino 5000 teaches how to pay  your own personal  “Cost of Redemption” so you have true core confidence no one can take from you.

  • He teaches direct conversations, body language, and systems of physical escalation.

  • He also shows how to do the advance work necessary to always have well thought out, fun and spontaneous adventures to lead dates to.

  • Kino 5000 created a sexual closing system that gets women sexually addicted to the way he speaks, touches, and leads her. The ability to teach this is imparative to him.

  • He teaches how to establish  romantic relationships on the core foundation of you being the leader and the prize of the relationship, for the good of both of the man and woman.